Feel Aroma Diffuser Lamp


This is an aroma diffuser with colourful lights.
Ultrasonic Humidifier: Up to 20 hours
Rainbow Led Lamp: Gradual changing with 7 colours & single light
Aroma Diffuser: Use the aroma diffuser with your favourite essential oils

Product Id:HD1

Input : 5V 1A 5W (Micro USB)
Regular Spraying: 7.5 ± 5ml/Continual Spraying : 15 ± 10ml
Water Tank Capacity: 130 mL, Size : 107(dia) x 162(h)mm, Weight: 280g

Working Hour: Regular Spraying: 12 hours/Continual Spraying: 7 hours

Contains: Micro To USB Cable (1M)

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Feel Aroma Diffuser Lamp: Yellow Light


Feel Aroma Diffuser Lamp: Warm Light


Feel Aroma Diffuser Lamp: White Light


Feel Aroma Diffuser Lamp: Ultrasonic