HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale


Product Id: EW1S

Power Supply: 4.5V (AAA batteries X 3); Water Resistant Level: IP21
Unit Display : kg/lb/st; Weighing Range : 5-180kg (max. weighing 183kg);11-396lbs (400lbs max. )
Accuracy Standard : 50kg (±0.3kg); 100kg (±0.4kg); 150kg (±0.5kg); 180kg (±0.7kg)
Wireless Frequency : 2412MHz – 2472MHz; Wireless Distance: 10m
Size : 300mm X 300mm X 28mm; Weight: 1.8kg (not including batteries)

Contains: AAA batteries (3 pcs)

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Momax HeaIth Tracker IoT Body ScaleIn addition to weight and body BMI calculation, you can check 17 different body data analysis and automatically track daily data trends.
Momax HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale G SensorThe current mentioned above is less than 0.5mA. However, please be aware that anyone with any wearable or implantable medical electronic instrument, such as a pacemaker, must avoid using this device. The intended use of this device is for healthy children 10-17 years old and healthy adults.
With original sense to patent technology, HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale will automatically switch on as you step on the platform barefooted. When Wi-Fi is connecting, the analysis results will automatically identify the User ID which you had set. The results are also sent to the phone’s Momax Smart APP.
Momax HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale Auto Sync Data Applies BIA (Bio-impedance Analysis) technology. A small amount of weak current flows through the human body so as to detect the Bio-impedance and estimate BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass and BMR. The electrical current is small and may not be felt. This BIA technology is cheap, safe, non-invasive, toxic-free and harmless. It also possesses the characteristics of simple operation and abundant information.
HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale Momax Result TrackerPlease open the App and turn on your Wi-Fi, so that the HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale can successfully connect to your smartphone. Keep your smartphone and HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale in transmission range. Step on the EW1S and take a measurement. Once the measurement is finished the data is automatically transferred to the app.
HeaIth Tracker IoT Body Scale Easy and Quick Installation Momax Smart