Q.Power UV-C BOXX UV-C LED Sanitizer with Wireless Charging


Momax UV-C LED Sanitiser with Wireless Charging

Product ID: QU6

Q. Power UV-C Boxx is a UV-C Sanitizer plus Wireless Charging product by Momax. It offers a fast UV-C light disinfectant killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs within 3 minutes, gives a larger storage capacity, and features 360 degrees of reflected sanitization. It is also a wireless fast charger.

Product Specification
Input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A
Output: 2W(Max.); 1W(UV-C); 5V/1A, 9V/1A (10W. Max) (Wireless charging)
Sanitizing time: 3 mins
Wavelength: 270-285nm
Weight: 514g (without Stainless Steel Rack)
Size: 227 x 123 x 58mm; 203 x 93 x 40mm (Interior); 196.5 x 87.2 x 14.5mm (Stainless Steel Rack)

Contains: Stainless Steel rack, USB-C To USB Cable (1m), Microfiber cleaning cloth (1pc)

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Q. Power UV-C Boxx UV-C sanitizer and wireless charger white, Momax product

Smartphone surface is 7x dirtier than your toilet

Clean and Sanitise your smartphone within 3 minutes

Ultra Fast UV-C Light 3 minutes disinfecting

UV-C kills germs 99.9%

Undergone testing through Hong Kong Certification Centre

Offers Large Storage Capacity

has ULTRA ANGLE that gives 360 degrees reflected sanitisation

wireless fast charger